Emergency Dental

Broken Tooth

Severely fracturing off a part of your tooth could put you at risk of developing decay in the fractured area or leave you in severe pain.  Often times, a broken tooth is fixed by placing a filling or a crown, depending on the size and location of the fractured area.



A toothache often indicates a large cavity in a tooth or an area of infection.  If the aching is constant, please schedule an appointment to see Dr. Kisner.  Dr. Kisner will make a diagnosis and give you options to treat your tooth and get you out of pain.


Swelling & Bleeding of Gums

If your gums bleed slightly while flossing, it means you need to floss more often.  If an area of your gums stays swollen and bleeding for an extended period of time, it likely means that you have gum disease, also known as periodontal disease.


Chipped Tooth

A small chip in your tooth can be easily fixed in our office by Dr. Kisner with a filling. If a chip is left for a long time, it is susceptible to decay.

lost tooth west meade

Lost Tooth

If you participate in physical sports or extreme activities, there is a risk of having an accident and having a tooth knocked out. Taking action immediately and visiting Dr. Kisner could allow you to keep your natural tooth.

Please contact our office, West Meade Dental, in West Meade, Nashville Tennessee if you think you may be experiencing a dental emergency.