Broken Tooth

It’s no fun to get a broken tooth. Whether you get a small crack or have a whole section of a tooth chip off, you are suddenly faced with an urgent dental situation you have to deal with. We have seen it all at West Meade Dental and can help you get quickly on the road to recovery.

A broken tooth can be caused by a lot of things, such as:

  •   A sudden blow to the face or fall to the ground
  •   Chewing something hard, like ice or candy
  •   Pressure from teeth grinding
  •   Cavities and tooth decay that have made the tooth weak and prone to fracturing

Depending on the severity and type of break, repairing the tooth might be as short as a single, quick dental visit or it may involve multiple appointments.


Ways Teeth Can Fracture or Break

The speed and type of treatment depend on the type of broken tooth you have. Below is a list of ways broken teeth are categorized, but each break is unique and requires its own diagnosis and treatment.

  •   A cracked tooth is when there is a vertical line from the biting surface of your tooth to or beyond your gum line.
  •   Craze lines or hairline cracks are small and usually pain-free, appearing on the enamel only.
  •   A fractured cusp is when there is a fracture around a previous filling.
  •   Split teeth result when the fracture goes below the gum line and completely splits your entire tooth into two portions.
  •   A vertical root fracture involves cracks that start all the way at the bottom of the tooth and can extend up to the tooth’s biting surface.
What To Do Right After A Broken Tooth

Your broken tooth may or may not be a dental emergency. Signs of a dental emergency include severe pain, bleeding, signs of infection (swelling), or a completely or partially extracted tooth. If you are experiencing one of these situations, it is essential to contact us immediately during business hours or our dental emergency line if after hours.


If an entire tooth or portion of a tooth breaks off, it is critical to get seen as soon as possible. The longer the tooth is broken, the increased risk of pain and infection.

Treatments Available for Broken Teeth

There are several ways we can help treat a broken tooth. Some examples include:


  •   Applying filling or bonding material
  •   Cosmetic treatments like dental caps and crowns
  •   Dental veneers


Modern bonding materials allow us to quickly treat and harden new materials, like composite resin, over the breaks or cracks to bring the tooth back together. If the tooth has a large amount of decay, which may have been the cause of the broken tooth, other more involved procedures like crowns or veneers may be the best option. We can go over the options with you and help you pick the right solution for you.