What We Offer


When experiencing a cavity, the traditional restorative procedure used is a composite filling. In this procedure, Dr. Kisner will remove any decay, clean the tooth, and then fill in the tooth with a tooth-colored composite resin. After the material is hardened and smoothed down, it will act as your new enamel.


Cavities, if not taken care of promptly, can grow and infect a large portion of the tooth. When this happens, after the decay has been removed, the structure of the original tooth cannot be restored with a filling. Dr. Kisner will then suggest a custom-made, artificial tooth crown to restore the tooth’s anatomy.


Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent and effective tooth replacement option where the artificial teeth perfectly resemble your natural teeth. A titanium post is surgically placed into your jaw bone to act as a new tooth root. Then, we secure a customized tooth crown on top. Dental implants are an excellent restorative option for patients who have lost teeth or require a tooth to be removed.



It is possible to experience natural tooth loss as we age. Although this might be discouraging, please know that we offer dentures as a full smile restoration treatment. Dentures consist of full arches of artificial teeth and gums that can replace an entire smile. Dr. Kisner recommends dentures to patients who have lost all or most of their teeth.



Small dental problems, such as chipped or stained teeth, can be quickly fixed with dental bonding. We would categorize dental bonding as an enhancement procedure as well as a restorative procedure because it can drastically improve the appearance of your smile with minimal time and cost. If you notice one of your teeth has become chipped, please let Dr. Kisner know as soon as possible.

Give Us A Call!

When you are in our office for routine cleanings and examinations, Dr. Kisner will recommend any restorative dental treatments you might need. If you have noticed or feel that there is a dental issue occurring, please don’t hesitate to contact our office, West Meade Dental in West Meade, Nashville Tennessee. 

Each one of our restorative procedures will have your smile looking and feeling brand new!