West Meade Dental dentist in Nashville Tennessee Dr. Allison Kisner

Tooth Extractions

A cracked or abscessed tooth is painful and may indicate a severely damaged or infected tooth. When root canal therapy and other restorative dentistry measures cannot successfully repair a tooth, tooth extractions may be necessary. Dr. Kisner and her team will do everything they can to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during your tooth extraction procedure. If you feel anxious, you may be a candidate for laughing gas or very light sedation. Come to West Meade Dental for Nashville tooth extractions.

West Meade Dental dentist in Nashville Tennessee Dr. Allison Kisner

Many people put off getting a tooth extracted because they dread the thought of having surgery. However, it’s important to remember that removing a tooth is a routine procedure we often perform. We understand that no one likes to have surgery, but extracting a tooth can be much less uncomfortable than not doing anything because your tooth will probably only worsen over time. The longer you wait, the more pain you may experience. And, the longer you wait, the more painful, invasive, and expensive your required treatment may become.

Some common reasons for tooth extraction include decay, infection, crowding, or injury. In the case of decay, the tooth may be too damaged to save with a filling or crown. If the tooth is infected, it may be necessary to remove it to prevent the infection from spreading. If a tooth is severely crowded, it may need to be removed to make room for the other teeth. Finally, if a tooth has been badly chipped or broken, it may need to be extracted. Although pulling a tooth is never ideal, sometimes it is the best solution. Fortunately, modern dentistry has made the process relatively quick and painless.

If you require a tooth extraction, please call our office!